RTIS® Helps Schools and Universities Optimize Energy, Reduce Costs, and Improve Sustainability

As K-12 schools and universities face shrinking budgets and rising costs, their choices likely entail budget cuts, program eliminations and personnel reductions.  As a result, energy management has become more important as these unique challenges pressure the programs essential to students and their communities. 

Using the RTIS® energy analytics platform, A&M Energy Analytics’ can help schools identify and mitigate inefficient energy practices and wasted energy usage, improve sustainability performance, and create opportunities in their budgets to offset some of the fiscal challenges.

RTIS® Offers Schools the Following Benefits:

  • Lower Energy Expenses
  • Lower Maintenance Costs
  • Anticipate Periods of High Energy Costs and Pollution
  • Utility Bill Analysis and Optimization
  • Benchmark Equipment, Buildings and Campuses
  • Optimize Building Usage Schedules
  • Improve Sustainability

Learn how Montville High School used RTIS® to reduce costs and improve energy efficiency