RTIS® Helps Manufacturers Reduce Costs, Identify and Implement Operational Improvements, and Improve Sustainability

In today’s competitive business environment, controlling cost of goods sold is becoming an ever-increasing priority for manufacturers.  Often, saving a dollar of cost yields far more to the bottom line than an additional dollar of sales. 

Energy is often a critical yet overlooked cost component that can be managed to boost profitability.  Utilizing RTIS®, A&M Energy Analytics’ team of manufacturing industry experts can help you better understand and reduce energy costs, identify and implement operational improvements, and prioritize capital investments, all while improving sustainability.

RTIS® offers the following benefits to manufacturers:

  • Cost Reduction
  • Improve Energy Cost Transparency
  • Benchmark Equipment and Devices to Identify Anomalies
  • Reduce Maintenance Costs and Maximize Uptime
  • Allocate Energy Costs and GHGs to Units of Production
  • Identify Operational Process Improvements
  • Identify, Evaluate and Prioritize CapEx Investment Opportunities
  • Utility Bill Analysis and Optimization
  • Improve Sustainability Performance and Reporting
  • Anticipate Periods of High Energy and Pollution

Artis Energy Partnership with The Siemon Company and Eversource CT