Energy Analysis and Management Solutions for Government and Municipalities

A&M has a long history of collaborating with organizations in the public sector to provide innovative services that enrich operations and improve financial stability.

Drawing insights from the RTIS® energy analytics platform, the experts at A&M Energy Analytics help public sector organizations create a data-driven approach to identify and prioritize energy reduction opportunities, improve sustainability and reporting, and reduce operating costs.

RTIS® Offers Government and Municipality Buildings the Following Benefits:

  • Unveil Cost Saving Opportunities
  • Detect and Prevent Equipment Inefficiencies
  • Utility Bill Analysis and Optimization
  • Identify Energy Investment Opportunities
  • Benchmark Equipment, Buildings and Government Departments
  • Optimize Building Usage
  • Improve Sustainability
  • Enhance Transparency
  • Anticipate Periods of High Energy Costs and Pollution

Learn about our partnership with Montville High School on their latest energy efficiency project.