Lower Energy Costs, Comply with Regulatory Requirements, and Promote Sustainability with RTIS® Analytics

Energy is the single largest operating expense in commercial office buildings, yet the average building wastes 30% of the energy it consumes.  Additionally, each building has its own unique energy usage characteristics, requiring bespoke energy management strategies. 

Using the RTIS® energy analytics platform, A&M Energy Analytics helps commercial real estate companies increase the lifecycle value and net operating income of their buildings, extend equipment life, comply with regulatory requirements, promote sustainability and lower energy costs. 

RTIS® Offers Commercial Real Estate Companies the Following Benefits:

  • Utility Bill Analysis and Optimization
  • Real Time Preventative Maintenance
  • Satisfy Benchmarking Requirements and Meet Corporate Environment and Social Responsibility Goals
  • Attract Tenants by Promoting a Differentiated, Sustainable Environment
  • Evaluate and Optimize Asset Value